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Opportunities in the MENA Gaming Industry

The gaming indsustry in MENA has benefited from government policies and regulations. Additionally, it has seen investment in gaming startups and companies, as well as collaborations with international gaming companies.

Opportunities in the MENA gaming industry
Game Development in MENA

Developing localized games: Localized games can have tremendous potential, gaining support from local gamers and attracting international attention.

Investment in gaming infrastructure: Governments and companies are building game development hubs and facilitating investments, providing opportunities for industry growth.

Monetization strategies: As the gaming industry in MENA continues to grow, there are many opportunities to develop new monetization strategies. Subscription-based models, in-game advertising, and microtransactions are just a few strategies that could provide new revenue streams.

Expansion into untapped markets: There are many untapped gaming markets that are just beginning to develop. For example, Algeria and Qatar could provide opportunities for companies to establish themselves as market leaders in these regions.

Gaming education and training programs: The growing gaming market opens doors for specialized gaming education and training programs. Creating game-focused programs and institutions can meet the demand for skilled workers and promote talent development.

The UAE launched the Arab Esports Federation in 2017 to promote and regulate esports activities in the region. This dedicated initiative and support as an example, among others, contribute to the growth and sucess of the MENA gaming industry.

Notably, industry leaders and investors identify Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt as the top three gaming markets in the region. The UAE boasts the highest revenue per user in eSports and ranks among the highest globally. By 2028, it is projected that MENA's digital gaming revenue will almost double from its 2023 value of approximately $4bn.

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