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Aloula, Established in Amman- Jordan 2005 as one of the largest exhibition, event management and audio visual companies. It offers comprehensive conference services and catering to the needs of both local and international markets, with more than 63 full time team members and over 40 free lancer professional interpreters. Al-Oula, boasts a strong, efficient and specialized team that has largely contributed to its success.
Krom Group is an established Advertising Agency delivering multiple services to clients in Qatar and the region. Krom Group possesses the required expertise to handle projects of any complexity with the support of highly qualified and skilled professionals specialized in creating marketing solutions with high impact. With offices in Qatar, Lebanon, Dubai, KSA & Canada. Krom Group has been delivering successful solutions to businesses since 2007 ensuring success through a simple policy– quality and Understanding.
WE create the Right Marketing strategy at the Right time using the Right resources. We build marketing strategies that help businesses Connect with the outer world, Communicate with the right audience and WE Committ to deliver effective results in terms of ROI, brand awareness, brand engagement, and brand loyalty.