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Membership Benefits

Being a member of Black Ires Community, gives you the privilege of being an active society member of your own local community, with full access to the following: 
- Chat with other members on the community.
- Interact (Like, comment & share, etc...) with posts on the Black Ires blog.
- Interact with other members in the community (Invite, chat, comment, share media, etc...). 
- Manage your own profile and information at any time.
- Receive updates and news and the latest offers and trends in the industry.
- Receive Black Ires News Letter. 
- Get access to Innovative Sustainable ideas of Marketing Solutions. 
- Get free consultation on your current Web & Social Media Solutions.
- Get seasonal discounts on Black Ires Services.

Become a Member

Black Ires Community have members that represent all sectors of any local community; so being a corporate or just an individual citizen; you have the right to be a member of Black Ires Community.
You are one click away from being active towards your own local community. Hurry up and join the crowd and share your thoughts; knowledge, feedback or even recommendations and proposals, to help your community evolve and be more prosperous. 
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