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First Lecture at PSUT in Metaverse Series Presented by Black Ires and Livaatverse

AMMAN, JORDAN – On April 9th, the first lecture in a series of talks focused on the Metaverse took place at the Princess Sumayya University for Technology (PSUT). The lecture was presented by “Black Ires Marketing Solutions”, a subsidiary of UBitc Group, and Livaatverse, their official Metaverse platform.

The lecture was coordinated with the Deanship of Admission and Registration and featured presentations by Mr. Qasim Radaideh, CEO of Black Ires, and Eng. Hani Alhaj, AR/VR Director of Livaatverse. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the Metaverse, a digital universe where users can interact in a virtual space.

"We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to present the first lecture in this exciting series," said Mr. Radaideh. "The Metaverse is the future of digital interaction, and we are proud to be at the forefront of its development."

UBitc Group, the parent company of Black Ires. The company is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technology and driving innovation across various industries.

The lecture was well-attended by students, faculty, and industry professionals interested in learning more about the Metaverse and its potential applications.

"We are excited to see the enthusiasm and interest in the Metaverse," Mr. Radaideh added "The potential for innovation and creativity in this space is limitless, and we look forward to continuing the conversation in future lectures."

Black Ires is a leading full-fledged marketing agency, specializing in cutting-edge digital solutions for businesses. As a subsidiary of UBitc Group, Black Ires is committed to driving innovation and delivering results for clients across various industries.

Livaatverse is the group’s official Metaverse platform, providing users with a digital space for education, business, social interaction, gaming, and commerce. The platform is designed to offer users a seamless and immersive experience in a virtual world.

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