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Web Development & Maintenance

Design, Development, Updates, & Maintenance

These days a static website is a dying one. If you are to compete at the highest levels of your industry you need to be working on your website regularly. You have the same amount of internet real estate as your competitors. The question is... what are you doing with it?

Website Design & Development
Website Maintenance & Updates

Website Design & Development

Your website is a critical component of your marketing. If your website does not create a "Wow" response you might be losing business opportunities. Your website needs to look as dynamic as your business is, and it needs to be coded cleanly for Google to give you a good ranking. In addition, marketing savvy needs to be employed to emotionally connect with your audience.

Website Maintenance and Updates

Websites require maintenance to stay up-to-date, secure, and fully functional. Website plug-ins are targets for viruses and malware. If they are not kept up-to-date, they are vulnerable and you could lose your entire site, or portions of it. This package provides regular updates, scanning, backups, fixes, and support for your website so it won't lose Google ranking or be blacklisted.

  • Website Planning and Mapping

  • UX/UI Interactive Wireframes

  • Creative Direction (Photography, Videos, Design)

  • Clean Custom WordPress Programming

  • Mobile Responsive & Fluid Design

  • Dynamic Interactive Animation

  • E-Commerce Shopping Systems

  • Google Friendly URLs & Configuration

  • Speed Testing and Optimization

  • Post Launch Testing and Tweaking

  • Full site & database backup four times per month

  • Security updates

  • Scan for malware & viruses

  • Performance speed optimization & tracking

  • High-priority support

  • Scan & fix broken links

  • Update template theme

  • Web form testing

  • Update sitemap.xml & robots.txt

  • Analytics monitoring

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