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Black Ires & Livaatverse Supports Al Al-Bayt University's Scientific Day on the Future of Accounting

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Tuesday 23/05/2023

Under the patronage of Dr. Bassaam Mahaasneh, acting president of Al Al-Bayt University, the Accounting Department of the Faculty of Business organised a scientific day titled "The Future of Accounting in the Digital Age." The event was attended by Dr. Abdelrahman Dalabeeh, the dean of the faculty, Dr. Mohannad Shabeil, the head of the Accounting Department, and several academics and students.

Dr. Mahaasneh, the acting president of the university, emphasised the university's commitment to keeping up with technological and digital advancements, including applications of artificial intelligence, through partnerships with leading local and international institutions in order to maximise the university's benefit and serve the students. He also highlighted the importance of supporting scientific research in the fields of digital analysis and artificial intelligence, which hold significant importance in the present time.

Dr. Abdelrahman Dalabeeh, the dean of the faculty, stated that this scientific day stems from the university's mission to enhance scientific research and meet the needs of the community through partnerships with professional and academic institutions, aiming to enrich the faculty and the department with the necessary expertise in this field. Dr. Mohannad Shabeil, the head of the Accounting Department, mentioned that the department has witnessed notable developments in various areas, particularly scientific research and international accreditations. The department strives to adapt to the continuous changes in the accounting profession by enhancing students' efficiency in utilizing and employing information technology.

Black Ires, represented by its CEO, Mr. Qasim Radaideh, participated in the event on behalf of Ubitc Group, delivering a message from the group's board of directors. The message affirmed the group's continued support to the university in its digital transformation process and the ongoing development of a business plan to integrate the university into Livaatverse, the first Arab Metaverse. Dr. Mahaasneh further expressed his commitment, during a sideline meeting, to continue working with Dean Dalabeeh to reach an agreement that the university can adopt for the upcoming phase.

The first session of the scientific day was chaired by Dr. Ghasaan Matarneh. Eng. Hani Alhaj from Ubitc Group discussed accounting in relation to the Metaverse, Dr. Mousa Abu Mohaimed from Jordan Islamic Bank talked about Islamic accounting, and Dr. Hashim Alshurufat addressed the topic of forensic accounting.

Eng. Hani elaborated in detail by presenting a real-life example from the region's first virtual world, Livaatverse, and discussed the relationship between the Metaverse and accounting in e-commerce.

In the second session, led by Dr. Marah Alsafadi, Dr. Bilal Sakaarneh, the dean of the Faculty of Business at Al Israa University, discussed capacity building, while Mr. Ahmad Alqawasmi, the CEO of the Internal Audit Department, spoke about professional certifications.

The scientific day also included presentations of success stories from exemplary students of the Accounting Department who have received awards for creativity, excellence, and internationally recognised professional certifications. These students are Dr. Omar Alhazaimeh, Salah Atbaini, Basal Sultanah, Dawood Akhileel, and researcher Lara Alnaimi.

The day concluded under the supervision of Dr. Diaa Eddin Al-Sreihin, with the dean of the faculty, Dr. Abdelrahman Dalabeeh, and the head of the Accounting Department, Dr. Mohannad Shabeil, presenting shields and certificates of appreciation to the participants of the scientific day.

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