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Anime Openings: A story in a minute

The visual narrative of Naruto's sixteenth opening is a flawless work of art. The story begins with a young Naruto, as he struggles to survive in a village filled with people who despise him. The complexity of his story is told within seconds as he's shown running away from the pain and sorrow of the villagers that treat him as a monster. Naruto can be clearly seen attempting to show off his skills, seeking acknowledgement from his fellow villagers, yet he ends up covering his face to protect himself.

As Naruto grows up a little, and becomes a student of the ninja academy; Naruto begins to find his purpose, and he forges the path he intends to walk in order to achieve his goals. This can be seen as Naruto begins to run forward with his body and face leaning backwards, as if the fear of facing the hardships ahead can't stop him. Signs of improvement can be felt, yet Naruto struggles to keep up with the times, and not get left behind.

Shippuden Naruto is when he finally begins marching forward on his own path, casting away all his insecurities and uncertainties, and unconditionally believing in himself. The power of Naruto's faith is told brilliantly within split seconds, as he's shown steadily running forward with his arms stretched behind his back, pushing him forward with courage and determination.

Finally, as Naruto reaches the potential he laid upon himself and surpasses everyone's expectations, his energy and accomplishments become the sun that guides everyone forward; he inspired the entire world to walk alongside him. The way Naruto is shown unwaveringly marching forward, carrying the weight of everyone's hearts, leading the way; Not only for himself, but for everyone who acknowledges, believes in and relies on him.

The many aspects of this incredible story were told cohesively in an amazing way, and the few seconds of the intro surmise Naruto's entire journey, making it a flawless masterpiece in my opinion.

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